Flash Cleaner Machine DPF/Catalyst Cleaning Service

flash machine

GHTA offers an environmentally friendly DPF/Catalyst cleaning service.

Using the patented Flash Cleaner Machine, our cleaning service provides a fast and cost effective solution.

This regeneration process achieves 98% of the original new condition with certified results without the need to cut, reweld and bake the filter or the use of ultrasonic tanks.

This state of the art technology guarantees the complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter and is different from any other on the market as it cleans every kind of particulate filter and catalyst for cars (Euro 6 too), buses, trucks, plant equipment, mining equipment including catalysts of large trucks (SCR).

Unlike any other methods used in the industry for regeneration, the Flash Cleaner Machine is designed to do the cleaning and drying in one cycle which makes the process faster and less expensive that any other - allowing GHTA to provide a same day turn around for units received before 10.30am.


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