About GHT

Global Heat Transfer Australia Pty Ltd was opened in October 2003. GHTA started after a long discussion between Ron Geary and Ged Vanberg. Ron was growing consistently frustrated with pricing and lead times by a monopoly in one section of the industrial radiator industry.

Ron opened Industrial Radiators (1978) in Perth using his extensive knowledge as a qualified sheet metal worker. Prior to this, Ron was a Supervisor/Apprentice Examiner at the Midland railway workshops. Ron eventually built on his knowledge and experience to build a radiator service shop that was to be the largest in the country, employing 63 people, before being bought out in 2008. During this time Ron was presented a design award for his DD radiator for its unique thermal design along with other accolades.

That same year (1978) that Ron started, Ged Vanberg opened G&G radiators in Alberta, Canada. Ged was a heavy duty mechanic with the local Caterpillar dealer. However he had a problem in that although he understood radiators from his days as a mechanic, he did not know the first thing about how to a repair a radiator itself. So the first thing he did was to visit the biggest, and most renowned, radiator shops around North America. He paid each of them to teach him what they knew. After a few months of working closely with them, he came back to Fort McMurray armed with the knowledge he had learned and opened the doors to what would become Global Heat Transfer Limited. today.

Ged started manufacturing grommetized global tube for radiators to meet customers diverse demands. Even though the locations are far from similar, the mining, oil & gas and power generation customers both Ron and Ged saw were very much alike, as were their requirements for manufacturing.

Initially GHTA was soley manufacturing global tube when replacements were required in grommetized tube radiators for Ron’s service workshop however, after the sale of the service side, GHTA went through a change in business direction and now supplies direct to the Australian industrial radiator industry. New global tube radiators, heat exchange products and manufacturing have been added to compliment the manufacturing of the global tube to meet growing demand.

With strong business ethics and focus on customer service, GHT globally is continually striving to, and meeting, heat transfer demands in a consistently growing and changing Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation industries.