Copper Removable Tube

TubeGlobal Heat Transfer (Australia) Pty Ltd has been manufacturing Mesabi style removable copper tube for over 15 years at our factory in Western Australia. Our tube is manufactured using high quality products and our solder paste, which has a silver content enabling us to manufacture using an induction oven that melts the paste at 170 Deg C compared to approximately 130 Deg C used by other manufacturers. This makes our tube stronger and able to withstand higher temperatures when in the field.

GHTA can manufacture tube lengths from 500mm to 1550mm in five different styles O tube (Mesabi V), H Tube, L Tube, W Tube (Mesabi M) and Aluminium Tube.  All tubes can be retrofitted into any machinery that has removable copper tube.

GHTA supply tube to companies worldwide and know that the quality of our tube withstands weather climates from cold to very hot, humid conditions.

GHTA also stock grommets, felt, rubber stays and a range of clips to suit our tube as well as frameworks for CAT D11R, D11T and 793C radiators.